A computational model of Ostrom's Institutional Analysis and Development framework

Authors: Montes. N, Osman. N, Sierra C.

Artificial Intelligence Journal, Volume 311

  • Date:

    October, 2022

The Institutional Analysis and Development (IAD) framework developed by Elinor Ostrom and colleagues provides great conceptual clarity on the immensely varied topic of social interactions. In this work, we propose a computational model to examine the impact that any of the variables outlined in the IAD framework has on the resulting social interactions. Of particular interest are the rules adopted by a community of agents, as they are the variables most susceptible to change in the short term. To provide systematic descriptions of social interactions, we define the Action Situation Language (ASL) and provide a game engine capable of automatically generating formal game-theoretical models out of ASL descriptions. Then, by incorporating any agent decision-making models, the connection from a rule configuration description to the outcomes encouraged by it is complete. Overall, our model enables any community of agents to perform what-if analysis, where they can foresee and examine the impact that a set of regulations will have on the social interaction they are engaging in. Hence, they can decide whether their implementation is desirable.