Social Media

Protect individual users and our society from malicious media content.

Empowering Ethical Media

In today’s digital age, media, especially social media, has become an integral part of our lives. However, it’s no secret that rampant negative effects such as polarization, manipulation, disinformation, and immoral behavior have cast a shadow over these platforms.

At VALAWAI, we advocate for a value-aware media. Our mission is to improve media activities by understanding the values, norms, propagation behavior, and opinion dynamics that shape ongoing discourse across different media channels. We then make this information visible to enlighten individual users and to aid agencies responsible for monitoring media activities. Our goal is to uphold democratically agreed societal norms and provide invaluable support to media editors and curators, enabling them to counteract harmful content and keep conversations grounded in norms that are upheld.

Our research is a journey to protect individual users and society as a whole from malicious media content.

If you are an editor, a publisher, or are interested in creating a safer and more ethical media environment, please contact:

Lissette Lemus

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