Approach and Main Objectives

Main objective of the project is to develop AI in such a way
that applications using AI are reliable, robust, explainable, ethically guided and hence trustworthy.

Welcome to the Future of Conscious AI

At VALAWAI, we are on a mission to expand the world of artificial intelligence through our cutting-edge ideas. Our Reflective Global Neuronal Workspace model (RGNW) is set to redefine the very essence of artificial consciousness. Explore our objectives below to discover how we’re shaping the future of AI

The Birth of RGNW

Our first objective is to construct and implement the Reflective Global Neuronal Workspace model (RGNW). This model takes the Global Neuronal Workspace model of conscious access to new heights by infusing it with reasoning capabilities and operationalises it in terms of a computational implementation. While RGNW holds the potential for various applications related to artificial consciousness, our primary focus here is on value awareness.

A Moral Framework for AI

Objective 2 brings morality into the AI arena. We’re developing a framework for value-aware situation analysis and decision-making, deeply rooted in moral philosophy and social neuroscience. This framework aims at providing a common language, conventions for representing values, and guidelines for neuro-psychological experiments. It also offers inference rules for evaluating actions through a value system.

Realizing Value-Aware AI

In Objective 3, we demonstrate the functional adequacy of RGNW in three crucial application domains: value-aware social media observatories and filters, value-aware domestic social robots, and value-aware medical protocols.

Mitigating AI's Negative Impacts

AI’s negative side effects are a global concern. In Objective 4, we tackle this challenge head-on. Through extensive human-computer interaction studies and neuro-imaging experiments, we are lollong to prove how Value-Aware AI can alleviate these issues. Our goal is to demonstrate the tangible benefits of this revolutionary technology for the people.

Empowering Value-Aware AI

Finally, Objective 5 is about releasing a toolbox for value-aware AI, and making it accessible through established AI platforms like. Our aim is to empower AI enthusiasts, researchers, and developers worldwide in a transformative use of value-aware AI.

VALAWAI is at the forefront of AI innovation.

Our solution revolves around the idea that an AI system becomes ‘value-aware’, in a way, able to follow a set of values, explain its actions, and understand the actions of others in terms of these values. This capability, we believe, can address the current issues with AI building more trust in AI technology.

Exploring new grounds by developing a functional operational model for several essential facets of consciousness namely, information integration, attention focusing, and meta-level reflection.

The project develops a novel alternative, namely to make social robots value-aware so that they abide by user values and norms accepted in our society and can detect and thus better take into account the moral motivations of their users

Explore to bring ethics inside the AI system, so that the AI system itself becomes value-aware and thus able to abide by moral guidelines, engage in moral judgements, and grasp the values and norms of users.

Social protocols dictate and coordinate behaviour and collective decision making, We are exploring introducing values in protocol management and decision making making protocols open, visible, debatable and adjustable.

Proposes an entirely novel approach by making value-aware social media observatories a reality. Assist users wanting to shield themselves from the negative effects of content recommendation algorithms and spam.

Achieve working technologies for handling certain key aspects attributed to consciousness, e.g. develop in full computational detail a generic architecture for awareness that can be used for many applications and instantiate and test this architecture for value awareness.

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