Social Decision-Making

Make social robots more trustworthy.

Enhancing Ethical Healthcare

Medical protocols are essential guidelines designed by medical associations and governmental bodies to shape healthcare decisions. However, blindly applying these protocols without considering the patient’s values and the evolving healthcare landscape can lead to moral dilemmas.

At VALAWAI, we are investigating making support tools for medical protocols value-aware. We aim to empower medical personnel to confidently navigate these protocols while considering the patient’s preferences and the ever-changing healthcare landscape. This ensures that healthcare decisions are aligned with ethical values, especially during critical moments like the COVID-19 pandemic.

We look for revolutionizing healthcare decision-making instruments and collectively shaping new norms that prioritize patient values, fairness, and saving lives.

If you are a hospital manager, a healthcare service manager, a doctor or nurse interested in this subject, please contact:

Lissette Lemus

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