IA: els interrogants que ens interpel·len

January 3, 2023
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January 3, 2023 VALAWAI

VALAWAI’s project coordinator, Prof. Carles Sierra, talks to industry representatives and senior profesionals about the challenges of AI at the Coloquios Senior’s Club Empresarial.

The expression of the year 2022 has become “artificial intelligence”. The popularity of ChatGPT has put the final icing on a year in which the continuous evolution of generative artificial intelligences has left us speechless. The exponential amount of data accessible on the internet fuels this technology. To put the needle on the needle, professor Carles Sierra participated in the SECE lunch-colloquium last January 25 with the title: AI: the questions that challenge us.

Here there is a summary of his talk.

It is very important to create a new social and technological order with liquid democracy that allows us to have control over technology and not continue as we are now driven by economic interests as well as value engineering, such as putting ethical principles in the code of systems (value-awareness) – Prof. Carles Sierra