AWAI Session at ICAART: Great Turnout and Thanks All Around

February 29, 2024
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February 29, 2024 VALAWAI

AWAI’s special session at ICAART Rome concluded with a complete success and thanks to all attendees. The event exceeded our expectations with a great attendance, demonstrating the enthusiasm and dedication of the participants to the advancement of Awareness AI. We extend our sincere thanks to all who contributed to making this event a triumph.

Our thanks also go to Roumen Borissov, Acting Director of EIC’s Awareness Inside Program, and other representatives of the portfolio projects, for their involvement in organizing and enriching the session. Their ideas and contributions were instrumental in fostering collaboration and sharing innovative research.

Throughout the session, innovative ideas and perspectives were presented, highlighting the importance of awareness and sensitization in AI development. The seven papers presented during the event exemplified the depth and breadth of research in this field, highlighting the progress made by members of the Awareness Inside-EIC Pathfinder Challenge portfolio.